Thursday, Sept. 15: Summer Gone Sour, tap takeover with Une Annee

Join us for an event that celebrates the end of summer.

Two members of Une Annee's Le Seul series, XII (Guava) and XIV (Blueberry), each built from a blend of four of their year-round releases and aged on copious amounts of fruit, will be featured alongside three brand new offerings from the Chicago-based Belgian-style powerhouse.

While the Le Seul series, which literally translates to "the only", is a series of one-offs, Ouais, the base blend for Une Annee's entire stable of wild ales, is joined by Peche, aged on peaches, and Framboise, aged on raspberries, as inaugural year-rounders for Une Annee's new Chicago taproom opening by early 2017.

And as if that wasn't celebratory enough, we will be featuring our Mussels steamed in your choice of Ouais or Peche!

Come be one of the first to raise a glass of these terrific wild ales as a toast to a wonderful summer gone by and a wonderful fall and winter to come!