Friday, Dec. 16: Bottle Swap & Rare Bottle Silent Auction to Benefit Door County Land Trust!

Join us on Friday, Dec. 16 for our Holly King Bottle Swap and Silent Auction to benefit Door County Land Trust

Whether you have some cellared bottles to swap or want to pick up a last minute gift for the beer lover in your life, join us for this free event. The fun starts at 5:30 pm with winners declared at 8:30 pm.

You don't need to be present to win so have a drink and try your luck! Many of the bottles come from the Bier Zot cellar, but a huge thank you to our friends at Mobcraft Beer, Breakthru Beverage, Flanigan Distributing, Ridgeview Liquor, Badger State Brewing, Surly Brewing, MKE Brewing, and Beechwood Sales and Service!

Deschutes/Hair of the Dog Collage #2
Donated by the Bier Zot Cellar

Collage #2 is one of the most exciting beers released this year. Period. The second collaboration between west-coast legends Deschutes and Hair of the Dog, Collage #2 is as cellar-worthy as they come. The Abyss and Mirror Mirror from Deschutes, both aged 100% in Pinot Noir barrels, are blended with Whiskey barrel-aged Fred and Cognac barrel-aged Doggie Claws from Hair of the Dog for a truly world-breaking brew. Expect caramel, molasses, oaked vanilla and a boundless cornucopia of dried fruit.  Starting Bid: $30

Donated by the Bier Zot Cellar

The wonders of the cellar are vast: we seem to be constantly surprised by the transformation a beer can make in just a few years. This package contains one of the most amazing metamorphoses we’ve ever seen. Included are two bottles of Oud Bruin (2014 and 2016) and two bottles of Cran-bic (2013 and 2016), wonderful sour ales brewed by New Glarus. Cran-bic is family thanksgiving in a glass, with tart cranberry turning delicate and sweet with age. Oddly, the beer also loses its color, transforming from ruby red to straw yellow. Oud Bruin is an exemplar of the style, gaining complexity as the sweetness fades over the two year aging period.  Starting Bid: $20

The Butte-iful Abyss
Donated by Breakthru Beverage

Two of our absolute favorites from our friends at Deschutes, both in prime form. Black Butte XXVI, released in 2014 to honor the brewery’s 26th birthday, has become one of America’s most sought after porters. 50% Black Butte aged 6 months in bourbon barrels and 50% fresh Black Butte, the blend is aged on Theo’s chocolate cocoa nibs, pomegranate molasses and Oregon cranberries. The Abyss, Deschutes’ once-a-year Imperial Stout aged on cherry bark and blackstrap molasses in Bourbon and Pinot Noir barrels, screams forth with bittersweet bakers chocolate and sweet black cherry. Starting Bid: $35

Winter Waters
Donated by the Bier Zot Cellar

In the last five years, Central Waters has established itself as home to one of the country’s finest barrel-aging programs. Each year, the brewery releases a Barleywine, a Scotch Ale and a Stout, all aged in Bourbon barrels in their now infamous cellar. Included in this package. alongside a limited-edition Central Waters poster, printed onto a retired beer palette, are two bottles of each release; 2014's Barleywine and 2016’s Scotch Ale and Stout. While these beers are delicious fresh, each can easily age for 5+ years, letting the heat fade and the true nature of each brew come to the fore. Starting Bid: $30

The Mob Takes Milwaukee
Donated by Mobcraft Beer

Brewed exclusively for the Grand Opening of Mobcraft's beautiful new Milwaukee home, barrel-aged Laughing Clown is one of the prolific brewery's most illusive releases to date. Rich and velvety in the mouth, BA Laughing Clown is bottled fireside celebration. Caramel, oak, vanilla and a sweet, sultry Bourbon tang whisper to one another, a warming cacophony of flavor. We've even included a 4-pack of Mobcraft's wonderful glassware, just in time for stocking stuffing! Starting Bid: $20

Soul Sisters
Donated by Flanigan Distributing

While Goose Island is most widely know for its Urban Pale Ale and the legendary Bourbon County, the breweries most interesting work is a well kept secret: the Sisters series. Consisting of Sofie, Matilda, Halia, Gillian and Lolita, the Sisters represent the pinnacle of Jared Jankoski's work as a Brewmaster. All are aged in wine barrels and feature an array of compliments; from orange peel and white pepper to peaches, raspberries and strawberries. We've included aged Sofie and Matilda from our cellar as an example of how gracefully these ladies age, but trust us, they're sublime fresh too.  Starting Bid: $50

East to West
Donated by Ridgeview Liquor

While East and West Coast brewers may have radically different opinions on what makes a delicious IPA, there is one thing they can all agree on: the necessity of brewing an amazing tribute to darkness. Presented here are two such tributes; one from Sierra Nevada in Chico, California and one from Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY, geographical opposites. Sierra Nevada’s 2015 barrel-aged Narwhal Imperial Stout is a legend of darkness from one of America’s most tenured craft breweries, while Ommegang’s The Art of Darkness beautifully expresses darkness through a Belgian lens, bursting forth with waves of sweet, dark fruit. Starting Bid: $20

Founders 2016 Lizard of Koz
Donated by Ridgeview Liquo

Near and dear to the hearts of our compatriots at Founders, Lizard of Koz was brewed as a birthday gift from brewmaster Jermery Kosmicki to his little sister, Liz. Featuring a few of her favorite things, Lizard of Koz was aged 6 months in bourbon barrels with fresh Michigan blueberries, rich cacao and vibrant vanilla. Safe to say it was a very happy birthday: drink the celebration now or save it for a special occasion, this lil’ beauty will age with the best of them. Starting Bid: $20

Red & White
Donated by Badger State Brewing

Before you are what we believe to be two of the best beers produced in Green Bay this year. Badger State’s Golden Ale, a wonderful brew on it’s own, is aged in Chardonnay barrels and Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for two radically different takes on wine barrel-aging. While the use of both red and white wine barrels has become commonplace in the craft beer world, it is an extremely rare occurrence to see the same base beer aged in both. In Chardonnay, the brew explodes with a stone fruit and brown sugar sweetness, while in Opus One, flavors of rich mixed berry and oak tannins reveal themselves as the beer warms in the glass.  Starting Bid: $30

Badger State 3rd Anniversary IIIPA
Donated by Badger State Brewing

While it feels as if Badger State Brewing has been a Green Bay institution for decades, the brewery just turned 3! To celebrate, owner Andrew Fabry and the Badger State crew whipped up a special one: a Triple IPA brewed with Wisconsin-grown Skyrocket hops. Weighing in at a whopping 11.1% ABV, this one is less summer refresher and more fireside sipper. Sweet and boozy with explosions of bright tangerine and earthy papaya, this beer is a hyper-limited expression of the Badger State crew’s love of brewing and of place. Starting Bid: $15

Toppling Goliath King Sue
Donated by Ridgeview Liquor

One of the country’s most sought after Double IPA’s, King Sue is as mythic as the dinosaur whose name she bears. With a perfect 100 on both BeerAdvocate and RateBeer and an unheard of 4.6 on Untappd, the beer community agrees that Toppling Goliath’s King Sue is the ultimate expression of the Citra hop. Bursting forth with bright tropicality, King Sue roars with thunderous citrus, pineapple and mango, finishing robust but smooth, begging for another sip. Whether you’ve been searching for an IPA you can get behind, or it’s your favorite style, this is a can’t miss brew. Drink fresh! Starting Bid: $25

Wisconsin is Surly!
Donated by Surly Brewing

Since their inception ten years ago, Surly’s former brewmaster, the legendary Todd Haug, has brewed an anniversary ale each year. Always different but consistently spectacular, the Surly Anniversary series has created a cultish following in the Minneapolis beer scene. Surly Ten, brewed with invert sugar and aged on toasted sassafras, represents Todd Haug’s final contribution to Surly Brewing, as historic as any Midwest ale can be. Included, is a limited-edition Surly poster designed by three Wisconsin artists and pressed onto a recycled Surly pallet. Starting Bid: $30

Madame Elf’s Secret Stash
Donated by MKE Brewing

Madame Elf is feeling especially generous this year and decided to donate a few bottles from her secret stash to benefit the Land Trust! Included in this package are; the Sherry and Brandy barrel renditions of MKE’s wonderful Grand Madame Barleywine, alluring the drinker with torrents of chewy caramel, English toffee, and brandied fruit, and their avant-garde Belgian Dubbel, Elf’s Lament, brewed with Rishi’s cinnamon-plum tea. Take advantage of Madame Elf’s generosity while you can, she doesn’t open up her stash often. Starting Bid: $20

Donated by Beechwood Sales and Service

Looking to help the Land Trust but not trying to purchase alcohol? Boy, do we have the ticket for you! Included are two limited-edition Lagunitas posters, both handmade from retired Lagunitas shipping pallets. Perfectly at home in the man cave or the dining room, these prints are one-of-a-kind works of art, embodying Lagunitas’ brand with their cartoonish illustration and care-to-the-wind vibe. Don’t miss this opportunity to spice up your home decor with a little California flare.  Starting Bid: $20