Thursday, Nov. 17: Flash Mob! A Mob Craft Brewing Tap Takeover

Yes, believe your eyes. This is a flash mob that you don't need to be coordinated to be part of! Join us for Bier Zot's Flash Mob, a MobCraft Tap Takeover!

From the only crowdsourcing brewery in Wisconsin, we bring you five ales to make your tongue feel like dancing!

You can expect to enjoy: 

T.A.P. A: Pale Ale fermented with English Ale Yeast
T.A.P. B: Pale Ale fermented with Saison Yeast
Dr. Rudi's Funk Train: A Taproom Only Barrel Aged Sour
Senior Bob: Tequila Barrel Aged Cream Ale
Hop Cobbler: Hefeweisen with Apples and Cinnamon

For the love of beer, join us!